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Kemp Elementary School

September 2, 2021 | News, October Count

October Count

Greetings Kemp Elementary School community,

We are excited to let you know that there is only one month until October Count. And, Adams 14 is getting ready to make it the best October Count yet!

What is October Count and why is it important?
October Count is a tool that the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) gives to school districts to gather accurate information about how many students are being serviced in a particular school and school district. CDE uses this same tool to allocate funding for school districts based on the amount of students and their needs.

This is critical for all school districts, including Adams 14, because based on the information reported, CDE is able to give each school and district the adequate amount of funding needed to fulfill each students’ academic and social emotional needs.

Adequate funding means that your child has access to full time teachers, special enrichment classes and programs, counselors, physical and mental health services, safety and security in their buildings. It also helps school districts make decisions about facility enhancements and upgrades.

When is October Count and how can you support it?
The window for October Count opens up on September 24 and will last until October 8.
You as a guardian play the most important role by supporting your child’s school in reporting the most accurate information to the CDE. All you have to do is ensure your child is attending school consistently every single day, and that you are contacting your child’s school if he or she is going to be out.

As always, your ongoing partnership and support is greatly appreciated as we work together to support students, staff, and the entire Adams 14 community. If you have any questions please feel free to reach our main office at 303-853-5850.

Bob Savage